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Benavides News ➤ Article 16556
Thumbnail Image for Article 16556Rosendo Benavides Elementary Reading Race
Posted Date: 12/05/2017

Rosendo Benavides Elementary Reading Race

By: Mrs. Aurora L. Mireles

     On Thursday, November 30, 2017, the top twenty readers of a Reading Race were rewarded with a fieldtrip to go watch the new release motion picture “Wonder” a movie that was made from the book Wonder by: R. J. Palacio.  The Reading Race started on November 1st and ended on the 17th. All students from second through fifth grades had the opportunity to participate in the Reading Race. The criteria was that all students had to be the top five in their grade level with the most word count. They also needed to have an 85% or better. The students had to read at least two chapter books within their reading range. Students were really excited and motivated to read and the teachers were excited as well, and astonished that even the reluctant readers were trying their best to read as many books as they could. The purpose of the race was to motivate the students to READ.  The winners of the Reading Race were announced on Monday, November 20, 2017. The top twenty readers were Aiden Martinez-5th, Wendy Lopez-Jimenez-5th, Sabrina Leal-5th, Sibila Gonzalez-5th, Ayleen Flores-5th, Katrina A. Garza-4th, Franco Salazar-4th, Kelsey Gonzalez-4th, Kaylee Martinez-4th, Daniel I. Martinez-4th, Eduardo Villarreal-3rd, Arianna I. Hernandez-3rd, Mauricio Estrada Perez-4th, Keylen Rivier-3rd, Adrian M. Mercado-3rd, Alexa R. Torres-2nd, Alexandra R. Salinas-2nd, Elizabeth Torres Gonzalez-2nd, Ryan E. Rosales-2nd, and Mia Flores-2nd.  Students really enjoyed watching the movie that taught them a lesson, to choose to be kind to everyone no matter how a person looks.  The students went to Peter Piper Pizza after the movies to enjoy pizza for lunch and some playtime. Over all the Reading Race was a success and it met the purpose to get all students motivated to READ.